Flamenco and Spanish Dance


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Passion, elegance and class. That is how our clients define us.

Our Flamenco Groups range from the purest Flamenco and traditional tablao to the most stylish and contemporary ones.

We have a great variety of formats to satisfy our clients needs. Our flamenco shows vary from a duo to up to 20 dancers on stage, live or recorded music.

In addition, we have many options for our Flamenco shows performances,  one stage or more stages, creating magic moments to your show.

We organize the most typical and passionate Spanish night thanks to our Flamenco dancers who, with their joy and finesse, perform at the highest level. They come from the most recognized companies such as the Spanish National Ballet Company.

The Flamenco is our specialty, and we organize many different kinds of Flamenco shows.

Some of our choreographies are of Spanish Dance and others of Flamenco Fusion, where the flamenco fan, the mantón de manila, the castanets, the flamenco stick and the capes are the principal elements.

We have great flamenco musicians as well as flamenco guitar players and flamenco bands.

Our flamenco performances are ideal for any kind of event.